Product Information

BFR Biofermentor for the production of alcohol

BFR is a 100% organic, natural, biodegradable product. It is not a microbial culture, enzyme or hormone.

EcoIndustries – BFR – Biofermentor for alcohol production
It is widely used to produce quality alcohol in South America, the US, India, and Europe.

BFR is a viscous liquid, dark brown, with eucalyptus smell;
BFR is an organic cellular stimulator that increases the rate of microbial activity and biochemical reactions.
BFR is specially designed and developed to activate, strengthen and increase yeast metabolism in order to optimize and stabilize the fermentation process;
Increased alcohol production compared to the use of other products, implicitly decreasing the amount of raw material used;
Retention time will be reduced;
A considerable amount of unfermented sugar (UFS) will be converted into fermentable sugar;
BFR minimizes the toxic effect of yeast inhibitory compounds;
BFR works in all types of alcoholic fermentation;
High Growth of Yeast Sacchormyces, Sacchharomyces cerevisiae, Sacchharomyces Ovaru, Sacchharomyces Carisbergenis, Sacchharomyces Ellipsodes, Schizo Sachammycess Pombe;
Maintains increased sterility during the fermentation process;
Minimizes the effects of Wild Yeast and Contaminant Bacteria;
Keeping under control – reducing foaming without using antiperspirants – of volatile acids and by-products.
Drive mode:
BFR bio-fermenter is an organic yeast accelerator. It can be used in all types of fermentation processes. Fermentation will be faster due to the increase in yeast population. As long as the percentage of alcohol depends on the quality of the yeast, a definite increase in production will be achieved.

Application mode:
Dosage – @ 2.5 – 6 ppm BFR in lines, before filling with the ladle – the dosage depends on the quality of the raw material used, the conditions of the process, the level of contamination, etc.

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