Product Information


Product Information
BioLeafz is a liquid stimulant for plants, applying this product to the part of the plant that is on the surface of the soil. In the manufacturing process, 100% natural raw materials are used. BioLeafz natural growth biostimulator, contains the entire range of nutrients in a balanced biological proportion; macro and micro-elements (readily biodegradable and water-soluble), biological active substances absolutely necessary for the optimal development of plants and able to increase their fertility sufficiently.

EcoIndustries – BioLeafz – Biological Growth Stimulator
How it works
With a blend of natural protein enzymes, BioLeafz ensures the absorption of nitrogen in the atmosphere (where it is 78%) by stimulating the activity of the existing micro-organisms in the leaves. BioLeafz improves the intake and circulation of nutrients in the plant; because the plant will take up nutrients in a larger quantity than usual, its natural resistance will increase significantly. As a result, the plant is no longer exposed to diseases, pests or other external conditions. Both the leaves and the flowers and fruits will be visibly healthier and stronger, resulting in improved plant features and superior crops.

BioLeafz is applicable in: seedlings cultivation, vegetable growing, agriculture, greenhouses, solariums, viticulture, fruit growing, strawberries, gardening, lawns, flower growing, etc.

BioLeafz is made up of 100% plant and flower extracts and oils. All raw materials come from a closed ecological cycle, produced without chemical agents, synthetic or fertilizer.

That 600-1200mg
K 550-7500mg / l
Co. 800-1000mg / l
S 750 – 1500mg / l
With 0.30-0.60 mg / l
urea 40.0-50.0mg / l
I 25.0 – 50.0 mg / l
Plant oil 1200-1400mg / l
Fe 35.0 – 50.0 mg / l
Acidic acid 1.0-1.5 mg / l
mg 100.0-150.0 mg / l
ph 9.4
N 40.0 – 53.0 mg / l
Density 1.05 kg / l
Color dark brown
Form liquid

Characteristic properties of the product
dark brown liquid appearance with eucalyptus scent;
ensures the development of a strong and healthy foliar system;
ideal for any type of plant;
harmonious and high content of nutrients, plant and flower oils;
100% organic and natural raw materials;
Advantages of using BioLeafz
the growth and long-term maintenance of plant fertility;
good health of vegetation;
the vitality of the plants is natural, complete and healthy;
EcoIndustries – BioLeafz – Biological Growth Stimulator
the production of healthy, high nutritional products, integrated into the biosphere, capable of transmitting and promoting the health of consumers; the resulting plant products have a much higher resistance after harvesting, which results in lower losses during storage periods;
avoids contamination of the environment with dangerous chemical nutrients (nitrates, phosphates, etc.) and heavy metals and significantly reduces the need for the use of industrially produced mineral substances;
reducing fertilization costs and protecting the environment.
High fertilization of the plant by intake of organic substances and microelements;
The harvest yield, depending on the crop, increases by 30-40% starting with the first year of application.
Usage and dosages
2-4 treatments are recommended, from the reprocessing phase, depending on the evolution of the culture.

EcoIndustries – BioLeafz – Biological Growth Stimulator
Dilute with water and spray:

Greenhouses / Solariums / Vegetable

100 ml BioLeafz / 100 liters of water

Agriculture / Horticulture / Viticulture

1.5 – 2 l BioLeafz / hectare

We advise you to use the BioLeafz foliar biostimulator in combination with the BioRootz radicular stimulator for a harmonious development of the entire plant; both products may be mixed in an absorption vessel.

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