Product Information

DWA Bubble additive for birds

DWA is a biological product of WiseUse International BV made from plant extract, consisting of biocatalytic substances.

EcoIndustries – DWA – Bubble Additive for Birds
Revolutionary in raising farm birds, DWA helps digest nutrients more easily in order to better feed and grow faster.

DWA will act positively on the intestinal microflora of the birds, causing: an accelerated decomposition of nutrients, a reduction in the smell of ammonia from manure, increased resistance to the danger of infection, an improved response to the diet, all of which result in some Higher productivity indicators.

Better digestion means healthier birds and a lower mortality rate, with obvious impacts on the economic and financial outcomes of poultry breeding units.

Characteristic properties of DWA:
liquid with dark brown appearance, pleasant smell;
act quickly;
content rich in nutrients;
obtained from organic raw materials, 100% natural;
the raw materials come from a closed ecological cycle, produced without synthetic or chemical agents or fertilizers;
density: 1.05 kg / liter
That 0.04 – 0.05%
I 6.30 – 12.70 mg / l
mg 0.50 – 0.80mg / l
N 0.025 – 0.038 mg / l
K 0,50 – 0,64%
N / A 0.088 – 0.120%
S 0.028 – 0.050%
Fruit oils 0.10 – 0.12%
Rape oil 0.04 – 0.06
C vitamin 25-35 mg / l
Plant acids 0.20 – 0.25%
pH 8.5 – 9.5

Some examples of parasitic diseases and viruses of farm birds that can be removed by using DWA: chicken salmonellosis, histomonasis, mycosis and eczema, microbacteriosis, ticks, massive shedding, feather cysts, etc.

The positive effect of DWA treatment is reflected on these diseases as well as on the external and internal parasites of farm birds, almost entirely removing them from the first phase of their growth, thus generating several advantages, such as:

Greater weight during the same time period;
10-15% more meal in chickens;
Mortality of chickens is reduced by as much as 50% since their incipient growth phase;
The meat is tender and tasty because the bird will grow in a natural and healthy way, requiring less medication;
The production of eggs in laying hens increases by 8-10%;
The smell of ammonia in poultry farms is significantly reduced, almost eliminated;
Improving air in farms means less ventilation and consequently lower electricity costs;
Increase the profitability of poultry farms by more than 10% as a result of using DWA.

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