Product Information

P & R

Product Information:
P & R regenerates and stimulates plants in a natural way

The primary attribute of P & R is the high concentration of free amino acids (up to 20% of the content), the effect being a rapid absorption by plants. The advantage lies in an accelerated growth of plants.

P & R increases the quality of plants and fruits

Thanks to the P & R elements , plants will receive the necessary nutrients more easily and recover more quickly and efficiently from disease and other damage (drought, extreme heat, cold, etc.) will also reach maturity in a shorter and healthier times.

P & R will increase harvest

P & R will help to make better use of nutrients in natural or artificial soils (greenhouses). P & R stimulates the enzyme of the plant, increasing the absorption capacity of the trace elements (Fe, Zn, Mn, B, Cu) and can be used together with plant protection agents (herbicides, insecticides and fungicides). EcoIndustries – P & R – Natural and Fortifying Plant Fertilizer P & R is a supplement to regular nutrition P, N and K

P & R is obtained 100% of the extract and fruit and vegetable oils. P & R contains only organic ingredients and as such is harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

Peptides and amino acids 40-42%, free amino acids 18-20%, ammonium chloride 8-9%, nitrogen 8.5-9.5%, potassium 1.2-1.5%. Dry matter 48-52%; Active agent: amino acids.

Method of administration and dosages
Greenhouses / Solariums / Vegetable

300 ml P & R / 100 liters of water


1.5 – 2 l P & R / ha

Depending on the value of the culture, P & R can be applied every week. Plants with diseases of any kind must be sprinkled every 5-8 days, depending on how severe the plant is affected. New plants must be soaked in 15% P & R solution for 15 minutes.

P & R diluted should be used on the same day.

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