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Poco Clean

PoCo Clean is a new product used to clean streets and exterior spaces in a natural way. It has been developed as a stimulant of micro-organisms that are active in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. At the same time, it is an active substance that brings pollutants into suspension.EcoIndustries – PocoClean

PoCo Clean is a combination of herbal extracts and fruit oils. It is a purely natural product, 100% biodegradable and not dangerous or poisonous.

Drive mode
PoCo Clean is an organic cellular stimulator that accelerates the growth of micro-organisms naturally by supplementing micronutrients and other elements that stimulate the rate of growth of biochemical reactions.

PoCo Clean increases the rate of enzyme transformation reactions (liquefaction and hydrolysis), the complex weight of simple molecular weight compounds.

PoCo Clean stimulates the bacteria to acquire greater degradation of acetic acid, lactic acid and ethanol during the acetogenic reaction. It also helps to obtain a higher level of methane gas during the methanogenic reaction.

PoCo Clean maintains the symbiotic balance of acetogenic and methanogenic bacteria, minimizing the toxic effect of inhibitory compounds of methane-producing bacteria.

Because PoCo Clean is a micro-organism activator, they are stimulated to function at a maximum level, transforming organic matter into carbon dioxide, water and salts. Due to this transformation process, unpleasant odors are removed in a short period of time, the effectiveness of this reaction depending on the applied PoCo Clean dose.

Enzymes resulting from germ activation assist in the decomposition of organic matter (fats, oils, waste, blood, etc.).

Active substances that bring polluted matter into suspension form an “anti-static filter” on the surfaces of objects; there is a significant reduction in new pollution and the prevention of germ and mold growth. As a result, surfaces can only be cleaned for a while with water.

It has been proven that surfaces cleaned with PoCo Clean carry fewer germs than surfaces treated with disinfectants. Acceleration of metabolism results in more rapid decomposition (improved ammonium transfer, water purification, odor reduction, prevention of accumulation of fats and other deposits in leaks, sewage, etc.) in the environment. Micro-organisms can thus, together with PoCo clean, perform their tasks more quickly and to a greater extent.

Fields of use
1. Biodetergent for street cleansing – cleans and helps break down existing toxic compounds (accelerates the rate of decomposition of organic matter from street litter by up to 300%).

2. Cleaning drains and drains. Reduce diseases in contaminated waters: lakes and rivers (removes odor from rainwater up to 90%).

3. Reduce the smell from any biological source!

4. Transformation of sludge deposits into quality fertilizers.

Please consult one of our representatives before using it.

The pH value for PoCo is between 9.0 – 9.5.

Preferably stored in dark rooms. A closed container may be kept for about 3 years.

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