Product Information


Product Information
ProBalance has been developed as a plant and root regenerator with antibiotic effect, containing a complex of herbal base and fruit concentrate.

EcoIndustries – ProBalance – Biological plant regenerator
ProBalance breaks down 100% in nature so it’s environmentally friendly.

How it works
ProBalance acts in two stages: in the first stage it manifests itself as a biochemical nutrient dissolvent, and in the second it stimulates the micro-organisms to an increased activity with the help of the micronutrients it contains. ProBalance supports the production of alkaloid juice (“N” toxic compounds produced by plants that injure insects); therefore, the natural plant defense system is significantly improved.

ProBalance is sprayed on the foliage and fruit (flowers) where it accelerates micro-biological activities. When sprayed directly onto foliage and fruit, they take up the micronutrient complex, which gives them a rapid boost to growth.

ProBalance is made up of 100% natural extracts and 100% natural herbs and fruits. All the components used to obtain it come from a closed ecological cycle, produced without synthetic or chemical agents or fertilizers.

Potato extract 50% / vol
Glycerin 4.00%
K2O 4.00%
And 0.30%
N 0.02%
That 0.03%
H2O depends on the H2O concentration in the potato
Lemon Essential Oil 0.05%
Essential oil of orange 0.05%
Rape seed oil 2.05%
Sunflower oil 2.00%
Flavored oil from India 1.00 – 2.00%

Advantages of using ProBalance
ProBalance provides the plant with a significant protection against mold, mites, fungi and insects;
ProBalance helps to remove manganese, magnesium, potassium, silicon dioxide and calcium;
ProBalance improves the plant’s response to diseases and insects;
ProBalance speeds up the circulation of sugar and starch in the plant;
ProBalance vitalizes the plant by acting as a fortifier;
ProBalance increases the pH value in the soil, thanks to the sampling of the nutrients mentioned above;
ProBalance increases the strength of the root and leaves;
ProBalance acts as a physical barrier against disease and insect infestations;
ProBalance has proven its efficacy on all types of cultures.
Usage and dosages
2-4 treatments are recommended, beginning with the first sign of plant disease, or preventive.

Dilute with water and spray

Greenhouses / Solariums / Vegetable

300 ml ProBalance / 100 liters of water


1.5 – 2 l ProBalance / hectare

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